NPP to members: You’ll be expelled, suspended if you breach new code of conduct

The governing NPP has come up with a new set of Code of Conduct aimed at putting checks on party members

Supporters and actors within the governing New Patriotic Party face expulsion, suspension, or disqualification should they breach the party’s new code of conduct which has been adopted by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

The new code of conduct covers activities of government appointees, ministers, board members, chief executives officers of government institutions, legislators (MPs), MMDCES, aspirants/potential candidates, and their supporters.

The new code of conduct was developed by the office of the general secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu and it is applicable during the period preceding the declaration of potential candidates to contest for internal party elections.

In essence, the code takes effect from the month of May, 2021 and will lasts until the General Secretary of the party, on behalf of the National Executive Committee, officially declares that positions for office bearers within the Party are opened to potential candidates to declare their interest and begin to campaign.

The preamble

The preamble of the Code of Conduct which has been sighted by Asaase News states that same “has been created in accordance with Article 18 of the New Patriotic Party’s Constitution, which permits for the creation of separate rules and regulations to govern the New Patriotic Party in addition to that of the Constitution”.

“In line with Articles 2(3) and 2(4) of the Constitution, the Code of Conduct fosters the spirit of true democracy and healthy harmonious intra-party contests to ensure that there is equal opportunity for all in the political space regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age, or social status. Hence the Party is abhorrent of discrimination”.

“Any member of the party who finds that there has been a breach in the provisions of this Code of Conduct by a member shall petition the Disciplinary Committee at the Constituency, Regional or National within which the breach occurred, as the case may be. The Party, following the specific provisions of the Constitution shall follow the right procedures and the needed sanctions applied. The sanctions shall include and not limited to; Expulsion, Suspension, Disqualification from contesting for any position in the Party for a stated period of time” the code of conduct indicated.”

Provisions of the code

Among others, the new NPP code of conduct enjoins all members at all levels, supporters and sympathizers to “recognize the impending complexity of the election process and commit to ensuring that (1) there is a free and fair participation of all-party supporters (2) that the core tenets of the Party are upheld. Members at all levels are also to refrain from using “media platforms, particularly social media for attacking one’s integrity and reputation of leading members or perceived opponents within the Party”.

The code of conduct further states that members and supporters of the party from the period preceding the election of officers, “shall not offer money, gifts or personal financial incentives that is meant to directly or indirectly influence the outcome of nominations of aspirants and candidates. Additionally, members and supporters are not supposed to “solicit campaign contributions, gifts and other sources of funding in cash or kind during this period preceding the Secretary General’s declaration”.

According the code of conduct, members at all levels, supporters and sympathizers are required not to “hold any campaign activities for themselves or for any potential candidate or aspirant until such a time that the Party declares so at any level of contest” nor “hide behind anonymity to prosecute their pre-campaigns in both traditional and social media”.

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