SML exposes deceptive document and takes decisive action

SML unreservedly denounces the audacious attempt by certain entities within the fourth estate to manipulate information, doctor images, and fabricate a false narrative

In recent developments, Strategic Mobilization Limited (SML) has unveiled a fabricated document circulating in the public domain, falsely asserting a ten-year contract made with SML.

The associated images depict a deceitfully attached original signed contract alongside a counterfeit forged contract, both indicating a misleading ten-year agreement.


SML unreservedly denounces the audacious attempt by certain entities within the fourth estate to manipulate information, doctor images, and fabricate a false narrative.

Reaffirming our prior statements, the authentic contract with SML spans a period of five (5) years, is grounded in performance-based criteria, and has received proper approval under Section 40 of the Public Procurement Act, Act 663, 2003.

The Board and Management of SML assert with unwavering certainty that all legal and proper processes were scrupulously followed in securing our services. 

This unethical act is further compounded by Manasseh Azure Awuni, who, with knowledge of the contract’s true duration, misrepresented it as a 10-year agreement. 

Furthermore, we raise serious concerns about the fourth estate’s decision to merge a falsely forged 10-year contract with the original 5-year signature page.

This manipulation was orchestrated to deceive the public into believing the fourth estate’s narrative. Such an act, involving the alteration and merging of documents to create a false narrative, constitutes a criminal offense and is incredibly unethical for a journalist. 

Moreover, we question the motives behind attaching the signed 5-year contract to an altered 10-year contract. The inclusion of the signed page in the images below suggests that the fourth estate has been aware of the contract’s actual duration, deliberately distorting facts to deceive the public.


In response to these reprehensible attempts to tarnish SML’s reputation and impede our ceaseless efforts to prevent revenue losses, we are commencing legal action against the entities within the fourth estate and any other party identified as complicit in fabricating and circulating these deceptive documents or vocal allegations. SML staunchly believes that these repeated attempts are a deliberate endeavor to undermine the Ghana Revenue Authority’s diligent audit of national resources. 

Additionally, we encourage Manasseh Azure Awuni to bring concrete and unforged documents to prove his case rather than relying on vocal allegations or doctored images to support his claims. It is noteworthy that Manasseh Azure Awuni has continued to walk back his claims as the facts have been stated. 

SML firmly asserts its right to defend against baseless claims and allegations, and we will pursue legal action to the fullest extent of the law. We remain resolute in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the responsible stewardship of resources. 

Furthermore, we encourage the public to scrutinize the facts presented in both GRA and SML statements,  rather than relying on vocal allegations and doctored images created by the fourth estate. 

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