GCA threatens to sanction two cricket clubs

The Ghana Cricket Association (GCA) has threatened to sanction two cricket clubs for taking the Association to court

The Ghana Cricket Association (GCA) has written to two cricket clubs, Everest Cricket Club and Nsoroma Cricket Club, asking them to explain why they should not be sanction by the Association.

The GCA’s letter, though belated, is in response to a suit filed against the GCA last year. 

In November 2019, the two clubs and other stakeholders filed a joint motion in court against the GCA 

In their application to the Accra High Court, the two clubs prayed the court to set aside the decision by the Greater Accra Sports Directorate to cancel the election of new officers in August 2019. 

The applicants also prayed the high court to place an injunction on the elections at the time, which were to be held on 19 September 2020 until the issue in case 1 is determined. 

Though the Greater Accra Cricket Association was properly served they went ahead and organized the elections. Subsequent to this, the applicants filed a contempt case against them which has been adjourned to 23 November.

This, the GCA says breaches its constitution and therefore makes the two entities liable to punishment.

GCA letter

However, SNEB Asamoah, a director of Nsoroma Cricket and one of the applicants in the lawsuit, says his outfit does not recognize the letter.

‘‘Unfortunately, the letter they wrote was signed for the president, but the person who signed it did not include his name or his designation. So basically, that letter was signed by someone you don’t know because we don’t know the signature and there’s no name attached’’ he said.

‘‘So we’ve written to inform them that since we do not know the true identity of the official who wrote the letter, we cannot respond to the substantive issues raised. We’ve told them that if that is done, we will respond to the letter’’ he concluded. 

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